August 13, 2016

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Letter from PAHM President

Thank you for considering a donation to the Palo Alto History Museum. Appropriate to the innovative spirit that keeps Palo Alto on the global map, we envision a new kind of museum, one that evokes great conversations and community engagement.  We will use breakthrough technology to provide an enchanting, participatory experience for visitors of all ages.

Renovating a historic building and starting a museum from scratch is an exciting challenge, and we have wonderful supporters who are making it happen. The cost of rehabilitating the city-owned Roth Building is approximately $10 million. To date, the project has raised close to $12 million in pledges and donations toward that goal. The cost of designing, fabricating and installing the museum, archives, collections, education, administrative, amenities, and program areas is $8.8 million, of which over $2 million has been pledged and raised. The total fundraising goal also includes $2 million for several years of operating support.

We hope to start construction in just a few months. Please invest in this essential institution. Your contribution will help others learn from our unique past and care for the future of our history.


Rich Green, President

PAHM Privacy Policy

We need your support to make the Palo Alto History Museum a reality. There are many ways to get involved:

The Palo Alto History Museum is a 22-million-dollar project. Almost half of that goal is for the rehabilitation of the historic Roth Building, and rest is to create and operate a fully functioning museum, archives, community and cultural center. Donation and pledges are nearing the halfway point, and we are working with contractors and the city to begin construction as soon as we meet funding targets. We need your help to make this museum a reality. Please support us by donating to the Palo Alto History Museum.

In addition to monetary donations, we need you! The Palo Alto History Museum has many upcoming events that need volunteers to ensure a well run event. Please contact the museum to find out how you can volunteer to help with these events; or share with us your t

If you have experience in museums, or talents that lend themselves to board membership, please contact PAHM to see how your skills can best be used. We have openings on the board and are actively looking for new members who can bring new ideas to the table.

How to Donate:

Your unrestricted financial support will help underwrite the rehabilitation of the Roth Building and the installation of the Museum along with the archives, collections, exhibit development and educational programming.

Gifts to the Palo Alto History Museum (PAHM) are fully tax deductible and are deeply appreciated.  PAHM’s Tax ID is: #77-0634933.

Donate by Check:
Please make out the check to “Palo Alto History Museum” and mail to:

Board of Directors
Palo Alto History Museum
PO Box 676
Palo Alto, CA 94302

If you wish to target your gift as a tribute or for a memorial purpose, please contact the museum director.

The Palo Alto History Museum is very grateful to receive gifts of appreciated securities. Such a gift may have significant tax advantages to the donor over gifts of cash. For example, the donor may be able to take a tax deduction, allowable by law, for the market value of the securities rather than the cost basis for which they were purchased.

Please tell Laura Bajuk, our executive director, the name of the company’s stock being gifted and the number of shares provided. She can be reached at or 650.322.3089. This will ensure that we can give you the appropriate credit for your gift.

In making the transfer, you’ll need to know:

Account Name: Palo Alto History Museum

Account Registration Number: #592-17079

Edward Jones DTC Number: DTC 0057

For your convenience, PAHM’s tax identification number is: #77- 0634933.

Thank you for your gift!

The Museum offers its donors fun ways to help underwrite the cost of the rehabilitation of the Roth Building and the installation of the Museum and its programs. To find out more about the ways in which you can support the museum, please contact the museum director.