June 25, 2020

Museum Update

Museum Update 11.17.2020

David M. Kennedy giving public comment at the City Finance Committee meeting on behalf of the Museum 11.17.2020
Board President, Rich Green, giving a presentation on the Museum at the City Finance Committee meeting 11.17.2020

City Finance Committee Meeting Resources

Please help persuade City Council to keep the future Palo Alto Museum in the Roth Building.

On March 2, 2020, the Palo Alto City Council passed a motion that jeopardizes the long-standing City-Museum partnership. The motion has three disparate elements:

1. Direct City Staff to explore a Request for Proposal to solicit other uses of the City-owned Roth Building, which might include zoning changes, offices, housing or retail. Our goal is to have Council reconsider this direction.

2. Consider a space-and cost-sharing plan with the Museum and compatible tenants, in addition to the City Archives, Heritage Park restroom and a Community Room for gatherings and events already in the plans. We’ve identified some small but attractive options.

3. Refer discussion to the City Finance Committee for possible funding of the gap to construction (currently estimated at $3.7M including a recent rise in construction costs). Ample precedent of City support has been seen with similar capital projects in City-owned buildings such as the Junior Museum & Zoo, Avenidas, and the Art Center. This is the outcome we are strongly encouraging.

Uncertainty in our partnership with the City undermines the campaign for a Museum. We’ve invested significant resources in good faith to move the project forward. Your voice will give Council the support they need to invest more fully in the Museum.