August 15, 2016

The Museum Project

Group Of Young Children Hanging Out In Park

Palo Alto needs a history museum, because it will:

·   Build empathy within our diverse community and nourish pride and civic engagement.

·   Provide community gathering and meeting spaces where everyone feels welcome.

·   Professionally preserve and interpret historical treasures like the City archives, for little public money.

·   Tell Palo Alto’s incredible stories in a modern Museum that will inspire this, and future, generations.

We're making progress on the challenge from the City of Palo Alto to raise $ 1.75M by November 30 - but we need your help to complete that goal!

We’re making great progress on the challenge from the City of Palo Alto to raise $ 1.75M – but we need your help to reach that goal!

Update – November 29, 2018

Give by December 16 and your gift will be matched – and help unlock $1 million for the Museum!

Two of our donors love this community and understand the critical role a museum plays in education. They encourage you to join them by generously pledging $350,000 to challenge you to support the Palo Alto Museum.

YOUR GIFT made by Dec. 16, 2018 will be matched, one to one – and it could unlock an additional ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

Help bridge the gap! If you help us raise a matching $350,000 by December 16, wonderful things will happen:

–          We will meet the City goal to raise $1.75 million!
–          The City may add $665,000 in preservation dollars!
–          And, the Museum project will be ensured to go forward!

There has never been a more critical – or powerful – time to support the Palo Alto Museum. Please give today!

Update – December 2017

We had an extremely successful session with City Council on December 11. Our progress report was well-received and several community members, including our County Supervisor, Joe Simitian, wrote and spoke on behalf of a Museum to preserve our heritage. After a very constructive discussion, Council unanimously approved our request for an extension to the lease option for the Roth Building through November 30, 2018.

In addition, Council offered new and creative incentives:

  • A challenge grant of over $665,000 in historic preservation funds will be added to the project provided we raise at least $1.75 million by November 30.
  • Time and expertise: council members will work directly with our board to assist in fundraising.

These are tremendous gestures of real support, and we are grateful.

Our next goal is to raise $1.75 million by November 30. Once met, Council will release the challenge funds, discuss the sale of additional preservation funds to benefit the rehabilitation, and they will continue the lease option.

We will need your help to maintain our option to rehabilitate and preserve an extraordinary historic building—and achieve our goal to create a well-deserved history museum for the Palo Alto-Stanford community.

We deeply appreciate all our donors, and commend City Council for the creativity they have extended to preserve and share the history of our community.

But it is YOUR support and gifts that will make this possible. If you can give or make a no-risk pledge, please do so to help us meet this challenge by November 30.

GIVE NOW AND DOUBLE YOUR GIFT! Thanks to a gift from the Hewlett Foundation, we can DOUBLE your gift made by Nov. 30, 2018.

NOT READY TO DONATE – BUT WANT TO MEET THE GOAL? Make a PLEDGE for a future gift, which counts toward the goal but is not collected until the goal is met. Download the pledge form HERE.

Serious fundraising for the Museum project by community volunteers began about 10 years ago, when rehabilitation costs were estimated at $6-7M. By 2014, construction costs had risen, and costs to install and operate a state-of-the-art museum were added, raising the goal to $20M.

Thanks to donors like you, we’ve raised over $11.3M in 11 years, some of which has already been invested in architect, City and consulting fees, exhibit planning, fundraising, staff and operations.

1. Rehabilitating the Roth Building for $9.2M,

2. Installing a Museum (exhibits, archives, education room, collections, meeting rooms and public spaces) for $8.8M and

3. Ensuring we have $2M to operate the Museum at a high standard.

That adds up to $20M.

Focusing on the rehabilitation, we have $6.2M of the $9.2M needed to complete the Roth construction project, leaving a $3M gap.

City Council has challenged us to raise $1.75M by November 30, 2018 – at which time they will add $665,000+ in historic restoration funds.

Help us meet these critical goals! Thank you!